Happiness is peach flavored

Are we happy people?

Sometimes I feel really bad for people who are marketing highlighter pens - there aren’t very many exciting things you can say about them because the target audience knows what a highlighter pen is. 

"Exciting colors!"
"Wide bezel tip!"
"Now comes with a pocket clip!"
"I will poop out on you after 4 hours of continuous use, so you better hope you bought a 4-pack!"

So yesterday I was in the car with Markus trying to get GPS directions to the movie theatre in Emeryville. Google Maps totally misguided us, so we quit that and went to Apple Maps and discovered something slightly creepy. 

It turns out that Apple Maps autofills your address suggestions based on not only your previous entries in Maps, but also anything that has ever looked like an address on any other app you have ever accessed. It tried to autofill us directions to 22 Jump Street because I mentioned it in a text to Markus’s phone. 

Today my phone’s power button started working after a year-long spell of non-functionality. I am very convinced my phone knows how to heal itself.

I have been under the impression that it has been Wednesday for the past three days. This is what happens when you count the days by the number of illustrations you have drawn.

Revisited Last Day Off/20 Eyes. This is actually a pretty good song. 

I got them caffeine jitterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssssssssszzzzzzzsszszsszzzz

That awkward moment when you get in an Uber with your boyfriend and a hamster in a travel house wrapped in a towel and the driver asks how many months old your baby is. 

Plant genetics student problems: misspelling “anther” as “another” and getting really confused why that new word wasn’t underlined in red as an error.

There’s a review for some colored pencils on Amazon that is complaining about how a 50-count colored pencil set has 9 green pencils and no flesh tones. I can’t stop laughing.

Things you learn while drawing

If you have ever seriously practiced drawing facial expressions, you might realize how odd the task is. It’s kind of startling to realize that as you make these lines to put a face together, you can recognize if that face you just drew is expressing fear, happiness, giddiness, facetiousness, worry, grief, shock, tiredness, anger, etc. You begin to realize that you had talents you were never aware of - the ability to glance at a stranger’s face and, in an instant, know what they are feeling. It’s an odd thought, but almost all people make the same sort of facial expression for the same emotions. Your best friend and the man sitting next to you on the bus will make the same face when they are surprised. You and a person who will be born after you have passed will have both made the same face when happy. It is one of the most ubiquitous yet unacknowledged skills we may have, and I think few people realize on their own how odd it is.